PR Accelerator Program

$500.00 + GST per month

Join us for our PR Accelerator Programme if you are a small business owner, entrepreneur or industry expert.

Our 12-month Programme will give you the best possible chance to secure media coverage over the next year. Every 3 months, Jules will be joined by PR professionals who will sit with you, brainstorm the most effective story angles for YOUR business and then help you write the media releases for the next 3 months’ worth of PR.

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The Handle Your Own PR Accelerator Program consists of four separate 2-day events over a twelve month period.

At each event you get to learn about what the media is looking for, and then sit with journalists to discuss the best newsworthy angles for your business. The journalists are there to guide you and help you with your headlines and will edit the releases once they are written.

There is generally one journalist for every 2-3 people so everyone gets lots of time with them. As well as two half days of brainstorming with journalists, you also get to have drinks and dinner with them so you will have plenty of time to pick their brains and bond! You also get 12 months’ access to our PR Campaign Management System and extensive database of media contacts.

Each event focuses on your PR for the following 3 months. Participants then attend the next accelerator to create media releases for the next quarter, and so on. The events include lunch, tea breaks and a dinner with the host and the journalists on the first night.

The 12 month Accelerator Programme is currently only $500 + GST per month ($1,500 + GST per event). There is also the option to attend one event as a one-off however the cost for that is $3,000.

Unlimited use of the PR Platform: Get unlimited access to our PR campaign management platform, including access to our database of thousands in the media contact list builder and our free media release formatting tool. You can send as many campaigns as you like, to as many media as you like, whenever you want!

2-Day PR Accelerator Events: You get to come to a 2-day PR Accelerator event every 3 months where we will focus on YOUR following three months’ worth of PR stories. Get hep from experts to craft your angle, write your release and build the media contact list for each campaign.

Learn together: Every Accelerator event will have publicists and/or journalists (or both) there to help you. You can pick the brains of our experts to help you come up with the best newsworthy angles for your story, giving you the greatest chance of media success. Learning in a small group can be far more effective than learning alone.

Expert Help: Get all the help you need. Sit with an expert one-on-one, get us to check, and edit your release. Get help with what to say when you pitch your story idea.

All the tools you need: Our PR campaign management platform, extensive media contacts database, journalist interview videos and experts are all at your disposal for the length of the programme.

Fun, informal environment: We try not to take ourselves too seriously. PR isn’t rocket science! It is a super practical event that means you will need to get a lot done at the events, but we also hope you will enjoy the camaraderie and a bit of light hearted fun along the way!